Popcorn Tweets

Popcorn Tweets is the world’s first Twitter-powered popcorn machine.  Dave Britt and I built it for Fireworks Popcorn’s “Creative Pop 2010” video contest.  Within 4 days, the video gathered over twelve thousand views and went on to appear in news sites, blogs, and print media from around the world.

An improved version of Popcorn Tweets ran live on the trade show floor at NIWeek 2010 and entertained thousands of people who all made popcorn together!

Crowd-Sourced Internet Snacking!
Popcorn For Everyone, By Everyone!

Popcorn Tweets in the News

How Does It Work?

A custom software application monitors the global Twitter feed.  When anyone in the world sends a tweet with “#popcorn” in it, the software commands a LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot that turns a screw to dispense a small amount of popcorn to the popcorn popper.

When the popper is full, Popcorn Tweets turns on the popper and makes a delicious batch of piping hot popcorn!  Yum!

More technical information is available here.

Video Media

  1. GeekBrief TV, Episode #703

Print Media

  1. Popular Science magazine, July 2010

  2. NI Instrumentation News, Q2 2010 (PDF & print versions)

News Sites & Blogs

  1. Mashable

  2. Engadget

  3. Serious Eats

  4. Gadgetsteria

  5. Huffington Post

  6. Switched

  7. TrendHunter

  8. Urlesque

  9. Marketing na Cozinha (Brazil)

  10. UOL Tecnologia (Brazil)

  11. chinese.winandmac.com (China)

  12. Fast And Food (France)

  13. Go4It!.ro (Romania)

  14. Troktiko (Greece / link is now dead)

  15. vBeta (Poland)

The Original Video

Popcorn Tweets Live at NIWeek 2010!

Talking About Popcorn Tweets

I’ve given several talks about Popcorn Tweets and the use of technology in social media and viral marketing:

  1. “Popcorn Tweets: Going Viral with LabVIEW and JKI” (LabVIEW User Group Meeting)

  2. “Making it Pop!: Going Viral with Multi-Tactic Campaigns” (ProductCampRTP)

  3. “Popcorn Tweets: LabVIEW Goes Viral” (NIWeek 2010)

If you would like me to speak to your group about Popcorn Tweets or social media & viral marketing, please contact me.  I’ll be happy to help you out!